ONSEND buttons different after update

I updated my openhab 2.5.10 today to 2.5.11-1

Now my button in my sitemap is a slider instead of a push button.
Any ideas how to get it back?
Switch item=Test label=“Test [%s]” mappings=[ON=“Send”]

Switch Test { autoupdate=“false” }

Post Update today:

Used to look like this:

Mappings-to-buttons still working fine for me at 2.5.11, example

Switch item=gLights_manuals label="Cancel manual light modes" mappings=[OFF="Cancel"]

Thanks! Looks like restarting openhab fixes it.

I take it back; after rebooting a few more times today, it’s rearing it’s ugly head again…no idea why.
I’m working with the hue emulation binding, and it says to tag switches you dont want exposed with [“internal”]; this seems to be causing this problem now.
Switch Test “Test” [“internal”]{ autoupdate=“false” }
Any ideas?

Switch item=Test label=“Test [%s]” mappings=[ON=“Send”]