Oops... Habot sets almost everything to 20

I installed Habot… And accessed the interface. And asked it to set a single item (MainHall_Target_Temp) to 20… And it cheerfully told me it was setting 76 items to 20…

I only have 1 item called MainHall_Target_Temp… Where did it get 76 items from?

Habot uses whatever you have set up for semantic modeling. That was the original use for that in OH 2.5.

Some important things about how HABot works might be relevant here.

  1. It operates on the label of the Item, not the Item name. It does not support, as far as I know, sending arbitrary commands to arbitrary Items. It requires the semantic model.

  2. It depends on the semantic model to understand what you are asking. So if MainHall_Target_Temp was a member of a Location tagged group labeled “Main Hall” and it was tagged with “Setpoint” as the Point type and “Temperature” as the Property, a command along the lines of “Set the temperature to 20 in the main hall” would work.

  3. It really hasn’t been updated since before OH 3 so it doesn’t work super well all the time.

  4. There are additional tags and metadata that can be used to help give HABot additional information, such as synonyms for the names of locations and points. See HABot Walkthrough (1/n): Introduction and Installation for details.

This is just a guess but I suspect it recognized “20” as a number and since the rest of the sentence didn’t make sense to it it decided to command all your Number Items.

Clearly I didn’t understand how Habot was supposed to work. And only attempted it because habpanel wasn’t working…
I’ll shelve that one and try to never revisit it again