Open Android apps directly from OH3 page

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I am new on the openHab forum but not a new openHab user. I think that OH3 is so coooooool and I still trying to improve my pages.
I tried to find this but no luck. I would like to open android apps using oh:label button. Is that possible ?

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Theoretically it should work to open an app from the UI:
You can add an url action to navigate to a specific url and the 3rd party app needs to register this URL before. E.g. if I open a tracking link, then instead of navigating to tracking page via browser my DHL app will open.

The other app of cause needs to support this. To review the settings you can go to settings → apps → default app on your android phone

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Yes, this works. In addition to Matthias’ answer, you can also use app specific URIs in the link definitions of the components. Here’s an example of a link that opens the sonos app on my phone:

- component: oh-link
    action: url
    actionUrl: sonos://
    iconF7: arrowshape_turn_up_right

If you can’t find a URL or URI that works for the app you are interested in then you still can make this work with a little bit of effort. Tasker has pretty good OH integration and you’ll find many posts on the forums about linking OH to Tasker. From there you should be able to set Tasker to open an app in response to some OH action.

Yes it works.
What kind of android device do you have? You just have to allow adb then you can connect to your device with the “Android Debug Bridge”:

edit: to be more precise. You can integrate an android device with the “Android Debug Bridge - Binding”. Once you have connected you have almost full control to the device.
So you can start packages using the “start-package” channel directly an oh:label button.
Prerequisite: The device have to be in the network reachable from your network and adb needs to be allowed.

Thank you Guys so much for all of your answers. I will try the solutions ASAP.