Open garage door from Tesla via myQ

Hi all,
I have read that will release an option to control a garagedoor via myQ.
I have no myQ device and an implemented door opener by knx. But I’m wondering if there is an option to emulate a myQ device to open my garagedoor from my tesla.
Any opinions?

I don’t believe there is an option to emulate per se, but all you’d need to do is to create a dummy thing/item in openhab and test that you can switch it on and off via whatever method you’ve chosen to control openhab from your car. If you can control an item you can control MyQ.

As for the MyQ it works just fine with OH via the existing binding. For myself I use apple carplay so use the homekit integration to control my garage doors via siri and to display door status on my dash via carplay.


But this is the point. The whatever method in a tesla is from my point of view a myQ Dooropener

You have a couple of choices. You can expose openhab through google assistant, apple homekit, or amazon alexa. You can also use the myopenhab cloud service directly to access the openhab gui itself through either the web interface or a phone app.

I have no idea what methods you have accessible to you in your tesla unfortunately. But any iphone or android phone will do.