Open Hab 2 with dimplex heater


I´d like to buy a dimplex heater.
But I’m not sure if I can control a Dimplex heater with OpenHab.

Can you help ?

Question 1, Is the heater connected in anyway? Bluetooth? WiFi? RF?

I have the same problem. I would like to integrate my Dimplex heat pump, connected via Ethernet, in OpenHab.
I have already found this guide: “
I have now added the files to the directories. Unfortunately, I do not know where to insert the IP address of the heat pump.
I make the query in the browser over the following string:|A|27|27

The result is: 27 1.1

Many Thanks

there is more info here

i dont know if is any help

@Daniel2, I also have a Dimplex heat pump with ethernet which I want to integrate to OpenHab. If you added the files as-is, just map the dimplex ip to heizung in your /etc/hosts e.g. heizung
However, I still do not get any value in the testing sitemap
Maybe firmware issue, I need to check

Finally checked the logs and it turned out I was just missing to have addons.cfg properly set up (“transformationService of type ‘MAP’ is unavailable”) so I grabbed the contents somewhere on this site. Seems a common issue regardless of Dimplex setup. Now it’s working fine, just missing a few values but it can really be a firmware or heatpump config issue this time. Time for translation :slight_smile:

Hey Alex,

have you managed to translate those WPM Dimplex config items for Openhab from DE to ENG?