Open Weather Map Binding not working?


I am trying to setup the Open Weather Map Binding and have signed up for the free One call API (set the limit to 999) and submitted credit card information. Open Weather is showing my status as Activated.

In OpenHab I added the Open Weather Map Binding Bridge and configured it to point to the API I created within Open Weather Map and the status goes to ONLINE.

I then add the One Call API Weather Forecast Thing and configure it as to below and point to my Open Weather Map account.

When I click Save the status of goes to Unknown then to OFFLINE. This also then causes my Open Weather Binding Bridge to also go OFFLINE.

The OneCall API Weather Forecast Thing is coming back with this error:

Invalid API key. Please see Frequently Asked Questions - OpenWeatherMap for more info.

I have tried other Things associated with the Open Weather Binding but sadly no luck at all.

Has anyone had any luck with this?



Please post the config of your account thing.

it started working out of the blue!! must have been some delay on Open Weather side but left it over night and im now able to see channels and data.