OpenHab 1.0/2.0 authorization


I want implement authorization in my openhab app.

e.g sitemap accessibility by user

How can i control users? Can i use sitemap names as user role? or Have you some way for it in OpenHab v1 or v2?

In OH 1.x you set security to at least EXTERNAL and create a users.cfg file in the configurations folder. The file has one user per line


Thanks for your answer!

But , Can i do visibility items by user name or role? or set sitemaps for each user?

I want that, particular user can access only sitemaps which created for they.

No. You can only control access to OH as a whole.

To control access to certain things on a per user basis you can theoretically create separate sitemaps and set up a reverse proxy like ngnix and implement the authentication/authorization there.

Thanks a lot! I will try.