openHAB 1.8.1 available!


since Tuesday the 1.8.1 Bugfix is available. Also the apt-repo has been updated accordingly.

Have fun and let us know if something is missing.

Best, Thomas E.-E.


do you have a list of fixes?
Thanks Kevin

This is a new reproducable error in 1.8.1.
did not have that in previous version.
did manual update from 1.8.0 to 1.8.1

2016-02-06 14:29:35.077 [ERROR] [e.x.l.lazy.LazyLinkingResource] - resolution of uriFragment ‘xtextLink_::’ failed.
java.util.ConcurrentModificationException: null

See also

@teichsta, Any idea which change could have caused this?

sure, see the Issue List

can you explain when this error occurs? I tried with the demo package and wasn’t able to reproduce it …

no, not yet!

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I released my Synology DiskStation package for release 1.8.1:


Is there also an apt-repository for 1.8.1? Can’t find it, therefore I don’t know if I am blind or it just isn’t there.

Something like this : ? :slightly_smiling:

All information in the wiki :

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Damn, I searched all the time for the testing repo, as I had that before 1.8 went stable. I had the feeling I have a dumb Idea somewhere. Of course 1.8.1 is stable… thanks for helping thinking, sorry for consuming time…
All things running smoothly now :slightly_smiling: