Openhab 1.8.1 with aeon gen5 zwave stick and Fibaro Smoke detector FGSS-001

Hi all,

I’m using OpenHab with the Aeon Gen5 Zwave stick and have that successfully working with my Danfoss Radiator Thermostat.

However, I’m having issues with the Fibaro Smoke detector (FGSS-001) in that it seems very hard to keep it working. I can sometimes get it included but then when I later restart the system it does not reconnect. If I try to ‘heal’ it the device is reported as ‘dead’. I can sometimes get it back included again with a lot of effort - it requires me to triple-press the button on the smoke detector before it gets recognized again - something you don’t really want to do under normal circumstances. In many cases it does not get re-included at all any more until reboot everything.

Does anyone have this smoke detector working in a stable setup? If so I would be very interested how it was set up. Or do others also have issues with this smoke detector?

Many thanks,


Does it really loose the inclusion or is it rather marked as “inactive”?
With battery-powered devices the wakeup might be rather low frequent.

Well, after I switched my Raspberry Pi with OpenHab on I left it for several hours. I am seeing messages that the node that represents the smoke detector is marked as ‘dead’. It don’t get any sign of life from it after a number of hours.

As I said, the initial pairing seems to have worked - it’s listed as a Node of the right type and it even reported some temperatures. Just after a restart of my Pi/OpenHab it does not seem to re-join the system. My zwave radiator thermostats have no problem with this. I’m guessing that the smoke detector is not really working the way it should? Or maybe I’m doing something wrong and others have this working fine?

What is the default wake-up interval of the smoke detector?
Can you wake the device up with a button? Does waking up change anything?