openHAB 1.8.3 is now available


i’ve uploaded the 1.8.3 Bugfix Release today. As always please find the according Release Notes in Wiki. Apt- and Mvn Repos has been updated as well.

Have fun and let us know if something is missing.

Best, Thomas E.-E.


Thanks for this update!
Does it mean that the slider is back in classic UI? I’m using this for Sonos volume but still can see the arrows up and down. Did I miss something by replacing the files?


no, we removed the slider in 1.8 since it causes some serious issues which couldn’t be fixed selectively but rather had caused some core changes. Since the 1.x core is frozen for some time we agreed on reverting the feature.

I have installed the latest deb packages from on my raspberry hoping that my problems with pairing my Hue bridge where solved (according to Shortly before on that day, another firmware update from Philips was triggered on my bridge automatically by my cell phone app. Now, having the 1.8.3 package installed, I am still unable to pair openhab and Hue bridge (pressing the pairing button during the countdown has simple no effect, no secret word is displayed). Could it be that the fix did not went into the deb repository or is rather the new firmware the first candidate here?

hey, i install the last update too (openHab 1.8.3 an the actual Heu bridge firmware) and it works fine. You don´t have to pairing the Hue bridge again after the update!

Hi, my Hue bridge is brand new, I got it just two days before the 1.8.3 release and I did not get it working with the 1.8.2 release due to, so I have not paired it yet. According to the 1.8.3 openhab_default.cfg ( there should be an empty
entry, the secret should be generated and displayed in the logfile after pressing the pairing button, which does not happen.

Maybe another hint: Autodiscovery does not work in my case, but the bridge is found if I make the IP explicit (hue:ip=10.0.0.xx)

You must define the secret by yourself! You can type here what ever you want for the secret and you must chose the openhab.cfg and not the openhab_default.cfg!

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No, you are describing the old pairing method, look at the description at the cfg link above to the openhab_default.cfg for 1.8.3 (of course I am using at my raspberry openhab.cfg):

Secret key for authorization with the Philips Hue Bridge.
If not authorized yet, pairing will be required and a new secret generated
when the binding is started. After pairing, the generated secret will be displayed
in the openHAB log file and has to be added here manually.

After updating via apt-get to 1.8.3 the zWave Binding got the “Error sending Action to the server” again.
the configuration was not changed.

RasPi 2B
zWave raZberry Board
update from OpenHAB 1.8.2