OPENHAB 1.8 weatherbinding problem

I am using the weatherbinding and also have customized the provided example.html file.

Unfortunately this does not work anymore.
I getting the error message
[WARN ] [tty.util.resource.FileResource] - EXCEPTION
and the url does not show the values of the reference items.

Any idea?

I believe a change was needed in openHAB 1.8:

From the wiki page:

Important changes in 1.8: The item token for layouts has been removed to make the binding openHab2 compatible (see Example tokens) and new example weather-data file in download section.

HTML Layouts

So does this mean you can’t reference Items now? That’s a bummer as I was also pulling in some historical data points and Astro sunrise and sunsets. Of course it is all academic as I really only used it as a testbed but I am saddened about the loss of functionality none-the-less.

item token is removed!
This is really terrible and are a real showstopper for me!
How can this be?
Is there a workarround?

I am relying heavily on this because there is no alternative.

  1. the classic UI is not good on horizontally mounted display (all empty spaces, super low information density).
  2. CometVisu, too much overhead and it almost takes a PhD to set it up.
  3. GreenT broken and not usable.

Please, please bring back this functionality!!!

There may be something unworkable for your use case, but just to make sure you’re aware of this alternative UI thread:

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Thanks for the support. Should have already done this in my first reply but the shock was to big.
I have seen this but this again this is another “tool” I have to take care and install. I am having already some of workaround tools installed. Also I am running windows and it seems to be made for Linux.

Maybe Gehard can rethink this decision and reintroduce this feature again.
Do you think that I can run weatherbinding V 1.7.1 under openhab 1.8?

He was actually asked to remove the feature due to architecture boundaries being crossed (I don’t remember the specifics but it’s in the history at github.)

ok. So I guess these architecture considerations will rule out my hope.
So I am stuck for the time being at 1.7.1. Too bad.

Thanks again for the rapid feedback.

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Perhaps the earlier binding continues to run on openHAB 1.8.0, until you can find a suitable replacement?

It’s probably too soon given everything else going on with OH 2 development to suggest this, but I wonder if something like the item: token in the webview but implemented by core instead of just one binding could be a way for advanced users who want to spend the time to build a custom UI can do so natively.

Or maybe it is already there. I’m only now starting to follow the dev forum over on Eclipse and reading/learning about OH 2 in earnest.

The weatherbinding V1.7.1. is working under V1.8.
So I have gained some time.
Thanks for the support.

Another workarround is to use REST API and create HTML with JavaScripts.
If anyone is interested, I could provide the example code.
The website loads a bit slower but in my use case this is ok.
A bit of work but at least I can stay on the offical release suite of addons and server.

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