Openhab 1 and Openhab2 installed on the same RPI


I was just looking at migrating to openhab 2 from openhab 1.

Quick question. I know these cannot be running at the same time, however is it possible to have them both installed on the same raspberry pi?

The idea being, I can have openhab 1 as auto started and shut that down when I want to work on my openhab 2 implementation?

If i can this would mean I’d be able to work on openhab 2 at my own pace, rather than having to quickly get it all setup again.

Many Thanks,

Yes. They made all the relevant files and such go to unique locations so there is no overlap.

Yes, and if you review the Migration Tutorial you will see that is the approach I go down.

Now that I think about it, I never added a step to remove the OH 1.x install.

Thanks for the info, I’m more than happy to start work on this now. I’ll certainly be giving your guide a read through as well to help with the process.