openHAB 2.0 beta2 available!


I have just created a new beta release for openHAB 2, which fixes many issues that were discovered in the beta1, most of them due to the switch to Karaf. Especially openHAB 1 add-ons had many issues and a lot of this has been fixed meanwhile. Thanks to everybody involved in testing (special thanks to @Lolodomo here!). There is still work to do, but I think beta2 is a huge step forward, so it makes sense to replace beta1 by it, so that this isn’t used anymore.
In any case, for testing I definitely recommend to always use the latest snapshot, since there is a frequent flow of fixes and enhancements.

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beta 2 vanilla install … no modifications at all throws:

openhab> [Fatal Error] :33:5: The element type “meta” must be terminated by the matching end-tag “”.

does run anyways

Online or offline distro? Which OS and JVM?

I use the Beta 2 Offline Distro and it works quite good! Had no problems yet and also no Error Message like shorty707.

Latest raspbian in rpi2

I actually saw this today on my beta1 instance at startup…also.

Is there any further information available in the openhab.log? I have no clue where this message might come from…

no thats all.

Getting this error as well…

May I ask you to enter an issue here?

I released my Synology DiskStation package to release 2.0.0-beta2:

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Cool, thanks. What would you think about moving the project to (with you of course staying the admin with full access to the repo)?

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Hi Kai,

OK, Thanks!
I’ll try to give my best…


You can easily transfer repos through Github, just PM me if you want to coordinate that!

Is there any more information/fix on the “The element type “meta” must be terminated by the matching end-tag” error?
I am having it as well under Mac OS X with the latest Oracle JDK installation.

It is tracked under
I do not see this on OS X…

really strange
I see this error now for a long time … lets says last 15 builds at least

also used the tip from another guy to change from demo to standard before first bootup --> still that error

Hello my name is Mark Ingle. I am new to this community. Recently I have purchased a ESP12E Dev board and set it up with OpenHAB 1.8.1 to get a simple LED test working. I noticed 2.0 Beta was available and I have latest snapshot running via start.bat. However I cannot get the landing page working…are there some instructions o check list for setting 2.0? I would like to contribute to testing if you need the help.

Thanks in advance for help!


@sihui thank you!!!