openHAB 2.0 on RPI 3 - on restart loosing MQTT, NTP binding


Is there any reason why after the restart of RPI 3 with OH2 Im loosing all previously installed bindings such as MQTT, NTP, Yahoo Weather and also RRD4j persistence ?
It happens after every restart.
Is there any reason for that ?

Did you configure any addons through addons.cfg?


Yes I have modified the addons.cfg file under services just to enter binding and persistence name to the list. Is the correct way of doing it?
Firstly I always install addon from Paper UI , then I go inside addons.cfg and complete mapping manually.
Am I doing it correctly?


No, you either install through PaperUI or through addons.cfg.
addons.cfg takes precedence (that’s all in the link I provided above!)

Good luck.

Hi sihui,

Many thanks I have followed the link above from Rich and it works now. Once bindings are correctly installed in addons.cfg there will be also visible as installed in Paper UI.


Im in process of installing new binding at the moment and after visiting addons.cfg in order to install them through this method noticed that I don`t have any binding or persistence listed in this file anymore.

I checked my backup file from few weeks ago and I could see that there were still there at the time.


So I looked at my notes and can see that the last changes made to system in this two weeks period was only openhab upgrade from 2.2.0 to stable 2.3.0. My first backup after this major upgrade, addons.cfg file doesnt show any bindings and persistence. Obviously everything still works as expected , Im still using mqtt and rrd4j. I checked Paper UI and can see them still being active and functional.



I though I sorted my problem long time ago. Since then I`m sure I had to restart RPI on two occasions at least and my bindings were not disappearing from addons.cfg.

So my question is after this upgrade to 2.3.0 should I start adding bindings again in addons.cfg (nothing this file is basically empty at the moment) or should I be using Paper UI ?

this step deployed a newer version of addons.cfg (with everything commented out)

The target file ($OPENHAB_USERDATA/config/org/openhab/addons.config) was not modified from the new source ($OPENHAB_CONF/services/addons.cfg) and as a result your system still loads all the bindings.

Paper :slight_smile:
It will store any changes to ($OPENHAB_USERDATA/config/org/openhab/addons.config) and they will persist restarts

Great that`s answer my question. Many thanks.

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