openHAB 2.1 httpgetrequest

Made an update from 2.1 snapshot to 2.1 released level today.
Since that all request in the rules that refer to an sendHttpGetRequest do not work anymore. I see data in the phone-app and the UI from Openhab, but this are data
have a release level as before i made the update. What wonders additionally: The Raspberry host got some reboots and the old data is still given in the variables.

However: Situation is that all sendHttpGetRequest-rules and switches do not work anymore, all data that gets adressed by bindings get adressed.
The clients get connected to openHAB, openHAB started as i established a rule that just gives and text output when the system is started.
Also the UI shows me updates from data that belong to bindings.
( sendHttpGetRequest is not from the http-binding )
Testing the sendHttpGetRequest by direct use of the browser show that the request
themselves is working.

Has anybody a good idea what may be the root cause of this issue ?

…one important thing i forgot: All the sendHttpGetRequest get operated by switches.