OpenHab 2.2.0. on KNX installation and Homekit integration

Hello, I’m new to the OpenHab world and I’m very interested in exploiting its full potential.
At my house I have a KNX system and I would like to be able to control it via openHab and integrate it with Apple’s HomeKit.
I tried to download and install the stable version of OpenHab 2, but after installing the KNX Bind Add-On, I can not configure KNX devices using Paper UI.
Now I have installed version 2.2.0 of OpenHab 2 and the KNX Add-On works on Paper UI but not well. In fact I do not know how to add the group address indicating the status of the commands, or in any case it is not clear how to support them. In fact I can send the On-Off controls of the lights, but they arrive very late and crazy.
Through the Papaer UI I installed the HomeKit Add-On but on ios the Home application tells me that OpenHab is not supported.

My OpenHab2 is installed on my Mac.

Could you help me by giving me a step-by-step guide on how to configure a KNX system with OpenHab2 via Paper UI?

thank you.

I guess you installed openHAB2.3.0 (aka nightly) which provides the knx2 binding.
It’s possible to define channels through Paper UI when using knx2 binding, however, you won’t get any advantage, because knx does not provide any auto discovery mechanism. So, there is no big difference between typing the channel definition into a knxthings file or to the Paper UI (ok, you don’t have to know the exact definition in Paper UI, as there are fields for every parameter)
In question of the state GA, given a Switch channel, the channel would look like

Address: 3/4/30+<3/4/34

where 3/4/30 is the ON/OFF GA and 3/4/34 is the state GA, both are per default of DPT 1.001.
The < indicates, that openHAB2 shall send a read request at startup to this GA. So the actuator should reply to this read request (the R-Flag has to be set in ETS)

Thanks a lot for the quick response, I tried to enter the status frames as you explained to me, but always using the Paper UI. The result is always the same as before, the commands do not work well and the lights if I switch them off with the physical switch, OpenHab me acccende again without any logical reason.

Is there a step-by-step guide on how to configure OpenHab ad hoc for KNX systems?

And I would be really interested in taking advantage of the integration with HomeKit. It offers OpenHab to control my KNX system.

I hope someone can help me,

Thank you