OpenHab 2->3 KNX questions


I´ve got OpenHab2 running since years, and now I want to migrate to Version 3.

I have a sitemap and items in place, of course and also several rules.
Persistence is in place (mariadb).

Despite the existing environment, I want to start with a green field, and use the file-based approach.

To start, I installed the knx binding (I have a rather big KNX installation here) and I noticed, that in OpenHab2 I´m using the legacy KNX binding.

Now, I have the knx binding with a green light (online) and I put a one line items file in /items with one item from old config:

Switch switchlight_erdgeschossbuerodeckenlampe “Deckenlampe” (group_Erdgeschoss_Buero__SWITCHLIGHT,group___powersaving_CUSTOMGROUP) { knx=“1/1/13+<5/1/16” }

Ok, so I have the knx binding (activated over UI ← is there also a file based approach ?) and this item …

Ok, it doesn´t work … I can´t switch the light …

Maybe because I did several things wrong :slight_smile:

Can anybody point me in the right direction how to proceed ?

Many thanks and Greetings,


That’s the legacy syntax for v1.x binding version, as you already know. It’s useless, with no legacy binding.

In OH2, Things and channels were introduced for use with configuring bindings. Items may be linked to channels. You must use these in OH3.
Things can be configured with files if you wish.
Now you know you are looking for Things and channels, have another look at the binding docs and at KN postings in this forum.

Hi there,

found a good explanation here (in German, though :frowning: )äte-in-openhabian-konfigurieren

What I don´t understand atm is, that the gateway is green, the think (the actuator) is red, but it actually works to switch the one light. Here my config in detail:


 Bridge knx:ip:bridge "Weinzierl 730 IP" [
    Thing device SchaltAktor_8 "Schaltaktor_8Fach" [
        Type switch : ch1 "Kanal 1" [ ga="1/1/13+5/1/16" ]
        //Type switch : ch1 "Kanal 1" [ ga="1.001:1/1/13+5/1/16" ]
        // Type switch : ch2 "Kanal 2" [ ga="1.001:0/0/3+0/0/4" ]
        // Type switch : ch3 "Kanal 3" [ ga="1.001:0/0/5+0/0/6" ]
        // Type switch : ch4 "Kanal 4" [ ga="1.001:0/0/7+0/0/8" ]
        // Type switch : ch5 "Kanal 5" [ ga="1.001:0/0/9+0/0/10" ]
        // Type switch : ch6 "Kanal 6" [ ga="1.001:0/0/11+0/0/12" ]


Switch bueroDeckenLampe "Kanal 1" { channel="knx:device:bridge:SchaltAktor_8:ch1" }

Status @ UI

Button@Items works, though … And it was light!.. Hallelujah…

First steps were easy so far … :slight_smile:

Now a deeper understanding and the sitemap … and, oh god … the TASMOTA devices over MQTT … and … shit, the database …

God help me :smiley: