OpenHAB 2.4 backup size

I noticed that after upgeading from 2.3 to 2.4 my backup size (via putty: sudo openhab-cli backup) is extremely small.
Previously All my 2.3 backups were around 89MB.
Now backing up 2.4 I only get 760kB.
Am I doing something wrong ?

I found another post on forum regarding my question and learned that sudo openhab-cli backup —full command will back everything.
So done it and my latest backup is around 89MB which looks correct. I copied my backup file in safe place and when trying to remove copy from my RP3 I get the following error

Folder Access Denied
You need permission to perform this action
You require permission from Unix User\root to make changes to this folder.

Any suggestions?

As you used sudo, you’ll have to use sudo too, to get rid of waste files.

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Thanks. Not really sure how to remove this file via sudo - can you please advise.

sudo rm … (you should put the files you want to delete here). Or use sudo rm -R … (folder name) to delete a folder and its content.

sudo rm -r is a very dangerous command, so handle with care!

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:slight_smile: I forgot to warn…