openHAB 2.5.1x release discussion

Bruce this is nonsense what you’re asking for.
There has been the overall announcement that there will only be 2.5.X to add security fixes for major security flaws in 2.5. That statement clearly implies that there will not be any other updates such as the zwave DB or any other part of the code so you must not expect any separate announcement on that. That’s the state of the nation, and I think that’s clear to everyone, including yourself.
Moreover, the current version of OH has changed to 3. So if you are still on 2.5.X you’re on an outdated version, implying there will not be any announcements whatsoever on that any more (except those security ones if applicable).
The current v3 might have a bug or not (unclear what you refer to here and if that’s true at all and even if true how impacting that is to users), but - bug or not - that does not entitle anybody to expect extension of maintenance for 2.5 hence there’s absolutely no substance that justifies asking for that, let alone in the way you did (you asked “where?” rather than “is there?”).
So as a moderator, I ask you to stop using that sort of wording, it’s nothing but provocative and leads nowhere. Thank you.

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Where was this stated? That may have been true for 2.5 core but the announcements I recall said bindings would be updated and that was true for awhile.

Then why were 2.5.13 snapshots released? Then why was 2.5.12 released? there were no security fixes, just updates on 5 bindings.

Apparently Zwave users cannot use recent devices on stable OH 3.0 either due to breaking changes in the minor version 3.1.0 snapshots.

That claim does not make sense. Either they run the 3.0 release OR a snapshot (which, by definition, is not “stable”).
Any change to the codebase after release cannot retroactively affect the release.

There’s not much use crying about this.
The problem boils down to -

OH2.5 core is frozen.
Anyone can release further update bindings for OH2, on a snapshot basis.
Not everything can be backwards compatible. Those might not work on OH2.4, for example.

zwave binding effectivel hardcodes devices. That design decision means you must release new snapshot versions.

It’s up to zwave maintainers to produce versions for OH2.5, and preferably advise a user procedure how to install them. It’s up to zwave maintainers to decide when to give that effort up.

It’s up to zwave maintainers to produce versions for OH3.x. It’s up to zwave maintainers to decide whether to confine that to snapshot releases, or contrive another version that is backward compatible to last full release.

AFAIK @chris is the maintainer although @wborn has updated some parts too,

Many people run snapshot bindings on releases and this has happened for years, before I even heard of OH.

In fact there was an installation script to do that on an August 2018 post.

Not since the move to bintray. @Kai has confirmed 2.5 is dead. Snapshot builds have been broken for over a month. Last zwave failure was 2 days ago. Last Addons failure was 10 days ago.The green coloured builds were not tried since the failures.

This has been discussed many times here, but one more time won’t hurt…

The reason is that OH core REQUIRES that the thing files are included into the binding. To do something different would require that a large part of what is in the core is rewritten into the binding.

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No - unfortunately it’s no currently possible to build the ZWave binding since the OH-Core artefacts are not being build. It might be possible to change the pom to fix this if there are still artefacts somewhere, but I’m personally not sure if that is the case since the repositories being used were (I think) removed (I’m not sure of this).

As above, if there are no artefacts for OH-Core on which to build, that is difficult. Maybe there are core artefacts still out there? Otherwise the ZWave maintainers will also need to build core artefacts - this can also be done of course, but it starts making things problematic for the “zwave maintainers” to produce these versions of OH2.5 that you want.

These are built as part of CI and the binding is updated regularly - this is not the issue and this discussion I thought was about OH2.

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So I don‘t really understand how other devs are still able to provide 2.5.13-SNAPSHOT builds of their bindings, Shelly binding for example.

They cannot, as part of the normal OH2 build process. I just searched the forum and the built the binding from their personal repo and are directing users there. The dev probably has the core libraries needed for the build environment.

The last successful build of OH2.5 addons was 3 months 6 days ago (Build 314) The last failure was Build 322 10 days ago.
Not only that, somebody today disabled ALL 2.5 builds on Jenkins. This change happened within the last 6 hours.


Tnx. Obviously i missed the previous discussions.

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Maybe the OH-Addons is configured differently and there are artefacts published somewhere - I don’t know and as my focus is on trying to find somewhere to live, I’ve not had the time to look. All I know is that the OH2.5 ZWave binding stopped building, and from my quick look at the logs it looks like the core artefacts are no longer available after bintray was dropped.

As I said above, it may be that reconfiguring the POM to point somewhere else will allow this to be built, but I have 4 days to find another place to live (my 4th in less than a month) so my focus has unfortunately been elsewhere - sorry.


This seems to be unrelated. There was/is an issue with our CI servers, they have been down today for a while…

Sorry to hear that and absolutely understandable that your focus is somewhere else.
Good Luck!!!

It’s fine - it’s my own “fault”. I’ve recently moved from the UK to New Zealand, so we had to do 14 days quarantine, then we have 2 weeks in a hotel which is now running out. Hopefully things will calm down soon(ish!) and I’ll be able to look at other things again :slight_smile: .


Yes, and it would really be cool if someone could help you figure this out!!!

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Just for completeness, If you read the release notes carefully, you will see that 2.5.12 indeed does include a security fix for several addons:

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I did miss that thanks.
The release os 2.5.13.snapshots did imply a 2.5.13 release and I do not recall any user facing announcements stating otherwise.

There was no 2.5.13 release and no such announcement.
Having 2.5.13 SNAPSHOTS was as ususal. After each release, develompent cycle is set to the next minor version, so after 2.5.12, it was set to 2.5.13.
Same with oh3, after 3.0 release, development cycle was set to 3.1-SNAPSHOT. This does not influence patch releases like 3.01 or the planned 3.02 patch release.

Edit: To be a bit more precise, SNAPSHOT versions are not released, they are just available…