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Hi Kai, congrats to another release.

With regards to your statement in the announcement post:
How do we maintain ongoing bug fixes and enhancements when having 2.5.9 end of September and 3.0 at the end of the year. This means 3 month without feature updates and then a major release, which will need some time to reach the robustness of 2.5.

For example the Shelly binding: I expect several new devices by end of the year (2 will be presented at IFA next month). The 2.5.9 freeze means: No support for those devices and you HAVE TO upgrade to 3.0.

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What stops a release being made as 2.5.10 and then 2.5.11? It will Probably mean new bindings for 2.x will slow/ stop for 2.5.x with only ones already submitted ASAP getting reviewed and added. There will be milestone builds For 3.x from October, so there will be releases and fixes. So yes at some point you will have to choose if you want to stay on the older build Without x fix, or help with testing the newer V3 and have the fix.

Deconz binding “last seen” fix. Default value is 0 ?? So, default NO polling… And if you want polling, is the number in milliseconds, seconds, minutes? (can this be added to the paramter description?)

All development needs to be done for 3.x first. Whatever is important to be rolled out for 2.5.x as well can be back-ported after it has been merged to master. We are hence switching the order, since at the moment PRs are done against 2.5.x and we do an (automatic) forward-port to 3.x (master).

which will need some time to reach the robustness of 2.5.

That’s why it is now time that all add-on maintainers finally switch to use 3.x. The core is already pretty stable and usable, I personally upgraded my production system already to 3.0 snapshot and most maintainers should do the same by October.

So yes at some point you will have to choose if you want to stay on the older build Without x fix, or help with testing the newer V3 and have the fix.

Correct. 2.5 will become the stable version for anyone who has a running system and does not want any interruptions, but still receive fixes for critical or major bugs.
For the latest&greatest wrt features, 3.x will be the way to go.

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maybe a written guideline „How to male the move to 3.0“ for binding developers helps to come one the same page and unify the transition. I‘ll will setup a 2nd system and do testing in parallel while maintaining the 2.5 branch. If new devices show up users might to move to a private build as of now. Not perfect, but the best compromise.

such a guideline should also include

  • what‘s new from a developer‘s point of view
  • what‘s deprecated and show be removed

Happy to say that 2.5.8 solved the problem I had with 2.5.7 :slight_smile:


Probably a minor nit or by design (clearing cache/tmp?), but I have a custom Z-wave binding .jar in my addons. Anyway the update (2.5.7 & 2.5.8) requires me to go into the console and feature:install openhab-transport-serial to get the Z-wave controller working again. It used to happen with every update (years ago), but then it was fixed for a while (at least with the basic (non-addons) Z-wave binding).

Just thought I should note it. I have it fixed, so not a problem for me.
## Kernel = Linux 5.4.51-v7l+
## Platform = Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.1

The unit is minutes. See in the doc:

I have now also activated the lastSeenPolling. Unfortunately it creates many entries in the logging file:

2020-08-25 23:28:57.225 [me.event.ThingUpdatedEvent] - Thing 'deconz:openclosesensor:LightlinkPi:LumiBalkonOpenclose' has been updated.
2020-08-25 23:28:57.246 [me.event.ThingUpdatedEvent] - Thing 'deconz:openclosesensor:LightlinkPi:LumiBalkonOpenclose' has been updated.
2020-08-25 23:28:57.260 [me.event.ThingUpdatedEvent] - Thing 'deconz:openclosesensor:LightlinkPi:LumiBalkonOpenclose' has been updated.
2020-08-25 23:28:57.299 [me.event.ThingUpdatedEvent] - Thing 'deconz:openclosesensor:LightlinkPi:LumiBalkonOpenclose' has been updated.

Is there any way to deactivate it?

I´m just setting up a new system here on my Odroid C2. It used to run 2.5.7, and I updated it to 2.5.8.
Now I have issues when I try to install a binding/service/misc etc…
This is the error I get:

2020-08-25 23:36:50.165 [ERROR] [core.karaf.internal.FeatureInstaller] - Failed installing 'openhab-binding-hue': Error:
	Error downloading mvn:org.openhab.addons.bundles/org.openhab.binding.hue/[2.5.0,2.6)

A coupple of minutes after, the binding is installed anyway,
This happened to these bindings/services/misc etc:

2020-08-25 23:11:57.898 [thome.event.ExtensionEvent] - Extension 'binding-mqtt' has been installed.
2020-08-25 23:26:21.156 [thome.event.ExtensionEvent] - Extension 'transformation-javascript' has been installed.
2020-08-25 23:29:24.106 [thome.event.ExtensionEvent] - Extension 'transformation-scale' has been installed.
2020-08-25 23:32:09.745 [thome.event.ExtensionEvent] - Extension 'action-pushover' has been installed.
2020-08-25 23:34:30.471 [thome.event.ExtensionEvent] - Extension 'binding-chromecast' has been installed.
2020-08-25 23:38:32.198 [thome.event.ExtensionEvent] - Extension 'binding-hue' has been installed.

I installed one binding at a time, waiting for it to complete before I installed the next one…

My Odroid runs Ubuntu 16.xx

Same here… Lots of log entries

That feature is not very well designed. That‘s why I disabled it by default.

Good morning,

I just wanted to update my 2.5.7 to 2.5.8 with “sudo runtime/bin/update 2.5.8” and got the following message:
Downloading openHAB 2.5.8…

curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 502 Bad Gateway

Download failed, version 2.5.8 does not exist.

If you believe this to be an error, please check the openHAB website. (

Could you please help me out of this?

Thanks and stay healthy

Maybe you read it in my question too. Default polling is 0, which means, no polling. If the docs are right…

Yes, me too:
The load on my “Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2” with the latest OpenHabian and 2.5.8 has gone down a lot (compared to 2.5.6):
From about 0,3 or 0,4 down to 0,1.

Thanks ! Stephen

Yes, me too:
The load dropped significantly and the memory nearly halved :+1:

“not well designed” in the openhab binding, or by deconz ?

In the binding.

ha, ok.
Someone, with userid Smanar is looking/changing/testing the Deconz api… I’m helping (a little bit) with testing my Legrand rollershutter switch.
But, if the problem is in the openhab binding itself,…
It’s a pitty because the deconz binding is an important binding I think…
There another problem in the binding too. “STOP” doesn’t work
Open en Close work. This is what I tested:
curl -H ‘Content-Type: application/json’ -X PUT -d ‘{“open”: true}’ http://IP:PORT/api/KEY/lights/ID/state
curl -H ‘Content-Type: application/json’ -X PUT -d ‘{“open”: false}’ http://IP:PORT/api/KEY/lights/ID/state
curl -H ‘Content-Type: application/json’ -X PUT -d ‘{“stop”: true}’ (http://ip/):PORT/api/KEY/lights/ID/state
Those three commands work (also the STOP command).