openHAB 2.5 Harmony Hub binding stability issues


I’m experiencing some stability issues with the new WebSocket-based version of the Harmony Hub binding in openHAB 2.5. After some days or weeks, the binding simply stops communicating with the hub.

Two questions:

  • What can I do to produce some useful debug information to help resolving this issue?
  • Which keepalive mechanism is used for the binding - WebSocket pings and/or TCP keepalive?

I’m pretty sure problem is with the new protocol implementation. It was very stable with XMPP in openHAB 2.4. Also, when this problem appears, the Harmony app still works through local connection.

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Jacob Laursen

I restarted the bundle daily via a script (executed from a rule) in the past, but since 2.5.2 I deactivated the restart and had no issues since then.

# harmony binding restart
/usr/bin/ssh -p 8101 -i /home/openhab/.ssh/openhab.id_rsa openhab@localhost 'bundle:restart org.openhab.binding.harmonyhub'


// bundle restart
rule "bundle restart"
    Time cron "30 30 5 * * ?"
    logInfo("RULES","Restart bundle start")
    executeCommandLine("/etc/openhab2/scripts/", 60000)
    logInfo("RULES","Restart bundle done")

Edit: you need the private/public key to execute the command from karaf -> see Tutorial: Restart Binding from rule

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I’m having the issue described as well. The hubs go “Offline” in OpenHAB but are still functioning in the Harmony app. I’m on the 2.5.0 release, so can’t speak to 2.5.2.

I’ve noticed that the WebSockets port 8088 seems to hang on the ones that aren’t responding in a browser but I get a blank page on the ones that are working.

edit: Nevermind on the app working… Harmony App isn’t seeing them either, so the Hubs themselves are locking up it seems. Not sure if that has anything to do with the way the binding is connecting/heart-beating

edit2: Just updated to the HarmonyHub 2.5.3 SNAPSHOT. I’ll let this run and see how it goes.

I upgraded to and seem to have better stability at this time. I had one node that was still causing problems for me and changed the USB cable and power supply I was using to power it and it’s been up for a few days now (was only going about 12hrs).

I run 2 Harmony HUBs on my OH2, Never had a single hick-up. Now running 2.5.2.
Could be an WiFi issue perhaps?
Use a WiFi analyser App on your mobile and check signal strength and channel overlap at the location of your HUB.

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