Openhab 2.5 + mqtt update problem

I have problem with updating states of switches. Things and items was added by paperui, Im using mqtt binding 2.5. In paperui it shows "connected" but when Im sending mqtt message to change state from ON to OFF for eample nothing chages. In logs I`m having:

Providing state description for channel mqtt:topic:bbfae247:brama_garaz

but nothing changes.

Mosquitto is working well. Can anyone help me ?

You need to post a lot more information about your Thing’s configurations.

Ok, after upgrade openhab to 2.5.13 almost everything is working but only when I start mosquitto by typing “mosquitto” in Debian Shell. IT uses default config on port 1883 and state updates ar working but only with things added from GUI. Its most working for Irena and things added on config file. And my questions od what bunding i newsy to start and how to configure items and things on files to make states update working. Also when I start mosquitto by /etc/init.d/mosquitto start and when port in mosquitto and openhab config os changed to 1895 state updates are not working event for items added on GUI. I’m using nowy mqtt binding (broker) in /var/lub/openhab/config and /etc/openhab/swrvices i’m sertung up the same mqtt credentials and port. I’m sertung IT up also for mqtt binding im GUI