Openhab 2.5 seems to forget bindings on restart

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3
    • OS: Raspbian
    • openHAB version: 2.5.x

Hello community,
for some reasons I don’t really understand, Openhab always seems to forget all Bindings I installed via PaperUI when the Raspbi is power cycles.
I’ve read this thread (OH2 on restart is forgetting all binding and loading the demo binding - #14 by rallek) before, but this does not really apply for me / not solve the issue.

Any idea why this could happen?


There are three possibilities.

  1. You’ve edited addons.cfg. Once you start using addons.cfg to manage your add-ons, you can only use addons.cfg. If it’s not listed in addons.cft, it will get removed.

  2. You are using zram and not shutting down the RPi normally. The contents of zram won’t be written to the SD card except during a normal shutdown. If you pull the plug, you are essentially resetting back to the last time you normally shutdown.

  3. Your SD card is corrupted or failing.

These are the only three possibilities. If you’ve eliminated 1 and 2 you probably should try restoring a backup on a new SD card.

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Thanks for the quick reply @rlkoshak - I’ll double-check on 1 and 2 (as it still worked perfectly a few weeks ago and I did not apply any changes to the base system, I’d rule out 2nd immediately) - so double-check again on the addons.cfg and fsck the SD-Card.

If the SD card is a number of years old and doesn’t have mitigations in place like ZRAM, the card is possibly worn out. An fsck isn’t going to tell you that though. When an SD card wears out, it just starts to behave strangely.

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