OPENHAB 2.5_Shelly Binding_Basic UI: What is needed as a minimum to use Things working allready in HABPanel also for BasicUI (Things, Items, Sitemap)

Could somebody please help me to get started?
I did create xxxx.items and xxxx.sitemap, the Switch for a Shelly1 works on BasicUI (ON/OFF) but Shelly doesn’t react. Can the Thing declared in Jsondb (HABPanel) be used for BasicUI or do I need to create a xxxx.things?
Thanks a lot.

All interfaces communicate through the REST API. The sitemap is specific to the Basic UI though. Things and Items are defined in OH either through text files or Jsondb so they are available through the REST API.

Sitemap (and so BasicUI) operates on Items.
You need to define Items, either in files or in PaperUI, and link them to channels of Things.
How you manage your Things is irrelevant.

HABpanel is a UI that does not use sitemaps but still relies on Items.


Thanks a lot, that helped me to get a step ahead.