Openhab 2 and legacy knx binding unstable after a while

I upgraded to Openhab 2 from Openhab 1.8.3 recently from Openhab 2.4 on Windows 10 and have issues using the legacy knx binding. I have a large knx installation (several hundred group addresses) and have been using Openhab and knx successfully for many years. Openhab 2.4 (or Openhab 2.5M4) work fine for several hours, sometimes a day or two. Then suddenly the bus gets floated with seemingly random telegrams (10 per second whereas I normally have one per second); often the same telegrams. I then have random behavior with bus elements switching on and off (my house then turns into a crazy mess and so does my wife).

Any hint what could be going on? I only have this issue with Openhab 2. Openhab 1 runs normally.

Just to be sure, 2.5 stable has been released. There have been many changes.
Not many people here want to troubleshoot a one year old version.

I see there is a knx v2 binding.

knx1 wasn’t never ever very stable for openHAB2, it’s better to move on to knx2. Yes, much work to be done (I did it for “only” 300 GA) but it has to be done :wink:

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Thanks Udo, I migrated the knx to Openhab 2 and after a lot of work and 600 group addresses later Openhab seems stable again.