openHAB 2 and working demo


I usually learn by looking at working demo’s, but can’t seem to find a working one for openHAB 2.

I’ve installed via apt-get and it’s up and running. The only demo download appears to be for the openHAB 1.x and includes an addons folder that I can’t seem to find in the default installation of openHAB2.

I tried changing the addons.cfg to demo to see if it magically download/creates a working openHAB2 demo. The basic sample one in docs.openhab isn’t fully function as is and the 1.x version appears to use depreciated syntax and doesn’t fully work.

Is there a trick or location of one, or just a yet to be ported yet?

Which version of OH 2, beta out snapshot? I’ve never tested it but seeing it to demo in should install everything. But i don’t know if that was implemented into after the last beta release.

The current snapshot. I set it and nothing happened. Refreshed.

I’ll restart the device and see if that helps.

Okay, so after a restart with that setting in place. The demo site is accessible. So either I had to wait for the download or restart the service to trigger the event.