openHAB 2 classic ui mapping issue?

I just moved from openHAB 1.8.3 and noticed that my mappings are showing up with the state name and then the mappings. My items do not have %s

String First_BotVac_Command "Command" {channel="neato:vacuumcleaner:First_BotVac:command"}

And the sitemap just has mappings:

Switch item=First_BotVac_Command mappings=[clean="Clean",stop="Stop",pause="Pause",resume="Resume", dock="Dock"]

So, why on classic ui on browser and android (works fine on ios) do I see “dock” text?

It’s not just this item, all my mapped items show up with the state and then the mappings.

Sorry for the OT post, but how do you find the Neato BotVac? I am in the market for a robot vacuum cleaner and like the fact the Neatos are pretty open to integration. How well does it actually clean?

I love it, going to get 2 more, I have tested others and it is by far the best at cleaning.

Anyone have any ideas on this? Should I open a bug?

I try to reproduce your example using the “repeat” channel of the Sonos binding. I defined two string items, once with “[%s]” in the label, the other one without.
Then I have 2 switch with mappings in my sitemap, linked to my 2 items.
The value is displayed only for the first switch, either in Basicu UI or Classic UI or HABdroid.
So I am not able to reproduce your problem. Are you using a recent version of OH ?

By the way, doing these tests, I discovered an issue in Basic UI, the displayed value is not refreshed. I will fix this issue.

Yes, 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT Build $906

Maybe the channel definition includes a pattern in its state description. In this case, it is possible that the value will be displayed. That is to be checked.

How would I check that? My items don’t have %s.

String    First_BotVac_Command                "Command"                                                                                                                                 {channel="neato:vacuumc


Number    Basement_Tstat_OpMode               "Basement Mode"                                         <settings>      (Tstat10)                                                         {channel="zwave:rtc_ct1

I don’t configure anything through openHAB paper UI, so where would it be coming from?

I am talking about the definition of the command channel in the botvac.binding.
Where are the sources of this binding ? Is it an official binding of oh2 ?

I am just trying to find a reason and I could go in a wrong direction but as I told you I was not able to reproduce your problem with a similar setup.

Ah! I made a test as well with a dummy item and did not get the problem. My guess is this has something to do with openHAB 2 the two bindings where I am seing it is neato and zwave, both openHAB 2 bindings.

My test was with the OH2 Sonos binding so it is not the reason.
To be precise, the Sonos binding is an Eclipse Smarthome binding.

When this happens, should not the .items be the one used?

I found the sources of the botvac binding and I can confirm that a pattern is defined for the command channel. So I am probably right on my assumption.
Now your question is valid: is it expected to have precedence of the pattern defined in the channel state description over the item label. I will try to open the debate.

Discussion opened:

It is now possible to use the label “Command []” in your sitemap to avoid the display of the state value.
It will be available in OH 2 snapshots probably in 1 or 2 weeks.

You rock! Can’t wait!

You don’t have to wait - latest distro contains the change :slight_smile: