OpenHab 2 featured in the Internet of Things podcast

OpenHab 2 is getting some attention (and kudos) in the Internet of Things podcast hosted by Stacey Higginbotham. She’s pledged to try to set up the new release and reports on her progress.

In addition to the podcast being the podcast to follow if you have any interest in the IoT-sphere (which I suppose most of the users of this forum are), it’s both really fun and informative to follow her efforts in setting the system up as a newbie to OH. On that note, I think it might be a good source to understand how the system might be set up to be even more userfriendly both in terms of skills required and the documentation provided.

Hopefully she won’t give up as she did with OH1 :smirk:!

And if you are to read this post, Stacey: You can’t count it as an honest shot if you run into trouble and don’t ask this community for help :slight_smile:

Great, will add it to my podcast list…