OpenHAB 2 Homekit discovery

Hi all,

At the moment I’m trying to setup homekit on my home server with OpenHAB 2 b3.
The problem I’m facing right now is that the discovery bij Elgato Eve or iDevices isn’t succeeding.
So actually, both applications don’t find OpenHAB.
When I run the same setup (exact copy) on my laptop the discovery is working without any issues.
I’m using exact the same network with the same settings. The multicast settings are correct on my router.

I’ve been sniffing around in the code of HAP-Java and as far as I understand the discovery is disabled for my server (sf = 0, see screenshot below).

Does anybody has an idea why my server is not discoverable and my laptop is?
What causes exactly this “sf”-parameter to be set to 0?

Thanks a lot!


Ok, so this is embarrassing.
I think I figured out what was wrong.
I should have read the documentation better.

So in the past I managed to set up this pairing once but since my router wasn’t configured well, I had issues with the broadcasts from LAN to Wireless.
I cleared the Homekit configuration on my iPhone but not in OpenHAB so i needed to execute the command:

smarthome:homekit clearPairings

After this, the “sf”-parameter became 1.
So let’s see what happens when I get home and try to pair again!

My apologies for the pebcak.