Openhab 2 ifttt options unavailable

Hi. I installed openhab version 2, downloaded cloud connector, and filled in the requirements. I can now acces my server with sitemap from it, but ifttt doesnt work. I exposed 3 items from paperui but in ifttt it says no available. Any help?

After you expose the item, the item needs to change state before it shows up on myopenhab. Look at the events, that will tell you if your item is fully exposed. After that happens, I’ve seen it take 15-30 minutes further before showing up in IFTTT.

24 hours later and still nothing. It just isnt showing in ifttt?

I also got the same problem with the latest 2.2 snapshot and need some help.

Under Configure openHAB Cloud i have defined 3 Exposed items.
I even changed the State of them. But i stil cant select anything via IFTT as it started loading and then tells me Options Unavailable

EDIT: As mentioned above it only took some time to Sync once the item was used they get listed.

Sorry it maybe not the right place but is there a step by step some were that I can follow to use ifttt with openhab 2

Hi everyone - I am having this same problem. I exposed the item yesterday evening - 12+ hours ago and also subsequently changed the state after that yet still nothing in IFTTT. I have confirmed that I can see the item on Am I missing something? I’ve tried removing and reconnecting openhab to IFTTT as well to no avail.

Explanation for present IFTTT problems

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