openHAB 2 mios setup

I purchased a Z-Wave USB stick but when I saw that I could potentially have my Vera Lite serve as the Z-Wave controller in openHAB I started trying to configure it. I’ve followed various guides but can’t get it to work correctly. I’m using the latest snapshot of openHAB 2 and have installed the two mios bindings and updated the configuration files with my Vera’s IP address. I’ve generated a house.items file two different ways (one using a browser application in Windows, the other using the scripts I found on the miCasaVerde forums) and tried each file in the appropriate folder but openHAB will not show any items from the Vera (I don’t even have an items option in Paper UI and HABPanel does not include any Vera items in the drop-down menus).

Since other folks in the forums seem to have had success by this point I’m sure I’m missing something obvious but can’t figure out what it is - any help would be appreciated.