Openhab 2 on raspberry pi 3

Im running parrot os on my pi3 and i installed openhab2 to to my own home automation system, i have a problem configuring my files . I can’t see where or how to add my scripts and how to install gpio binding ? I have searched the internet and i only find the sulotion for openhab1 … Im not little new to this for linux and openhab . Please help me
I need to setup gpio binding and figure how to add my realy board and how to add button and sensor like where am i going to put my files ?!?

Lets get some structure into your Problem.

Start with the file locations
Here is the documentation for the PiFace Binding
Did I get this right ? You want to execute scripts, like shell scripts ? If so, you also need the Exec Binding.
Exec Binging 2
Exec Binding 1.X
You need to evaluate which one to work with.
Scripts go into the openHAB2/conf/scripts Folder.

I hope this will help you to get back on track with your Problem.

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I recommend going through the Beginner’s Tutorial to familiarize yourself with how OH works over all.

Thank u. Im gonna try to read more

I will . Thnx