openHAB 2 on Synology go down

Hi all,
I have installed openHab2 on my Synology DS416Play and openCloud addons.
The problem is that after 1 hour or less openHab go down and I have to restart manually using I have the same problem also after I restart the NAS.

Can you helpe me, please?

Sounds like you installed openHAB manually right? Did you watch CPU, RAM etc. if something strange happens during the crash? Did you check the openHAB Logs ?

If you don’t care for the crash and just want it to restart automatically take a look at the Service documentation

So i have the same synology you have with OH2 running, the main problem I have had is RAM and occasionally CPU. While I have not had it crash completely, its has become unresponsive as CPU and Swap started to increase, and I have had to restart the service. How big is your OH installation? I’m in the process this weekend of moving back to a Rasperry Pi 3 or one of my ordroid u3.

Thank you, I have no problem with CPU and RAM. I use putty to connect to my NAS via ssh, I start openHab using, when putty lost connection openHab go down. I try to follow the guide to configure openHab as a service but in Synology systemd not exists, I tried using synoservice --enable but always return me “Service [openhab2.service] does not exist”.

I’m using the official openHAB synology package described here , this installs openhab as a synology service so it starts and stop automatically. I have a large amount of bindings and items which is why my load is so high.

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I’m also using the official openHAB synoloy package, but if I restart my NAS, the openHAB service not start. I have to go via ssh to /volume1/@appstore/openHAB/ and execute “sudo sh” manually.
But if I close connection openHAB go down.

Do you know how I can check witch are the services enabled in synology os? Thank you.

Sorry, I did not have that problem, mine always started automatically. You might try uninstalling the synology package and installing it again? Unfortunately I don’t know much about how Synology services work.

Ok, I’ll try, witch version this or this

I believe I used version but not sure, I just moved my oh to a raspberry pi 3, so not running it on synology anymore.

Ok I understand and fixed the problem! After reinstall openHAB, I noticed that in the popup after installation is write to press “Launch button after installation”. So I click launch button in the package center in the card of openHAB to start opeHAB and now work.

But now I have another problem, after installation I had to re configure all settings and reinstall all bindings.
After installation of Zwave I have many problem to set port of my Aeon Z-Wave stick, now always return me that the port not exist…seems a permission problem, so I execute “sudo chmod 777 /dev/ttyACM0”, delete stick from things and re add, so is online, but it doesn’t found any things and also after restart of NAS or after 1 hour the stick go offline and return error of port not exist…