OpenHAB 2 or 3?

I am currently switching (or at least trying to do so) to OpenHAB (OpenHabian installed on a RaspberryPi 3) coming from FHEM. I am a bit confused about whether to use OpenHAB version 3 or 2? Version 3 is obviously the most recent one but it seems the selection of widgets is still quite limited. Currently, I have installed my heating things only in version 3 but I am missing basic visualisations like green/red batteries images for a battery state visualisation. Or am I missing a way to install new widgets? Thanks for your help!


I would say judging by all the posts on migration issues, definitely go for OH3!
Concerning your widgets: You can always use grafana and a persistence service to generate beautiful graphs or state widgets.
Here is the OH2 tutorial, but I think most of it will hold true for OH3:

openHAB 3 still provides HABPanel so you should be able to use a variety of existing HABPanel widgets there too.
(There should be plenty of widgets available for HABPanel.)

This may be a good starting point for a later smooth swiching if you are running an existing HABpanel configuration.

Not to forget Main UI and its capabilities. You don’t even need Influx or Grafana any more.

Thank your for you answers! Is there a comprehensive collection of HABpanel widgets somewhere?

Well in HabPanel itself you can either try out the built in widgets, look at custom widgets others shared or you have a look here for some inspiration on what is possible:

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