Openhab 2 restarts every time after startup


I’m using openhab 2.4 on my debian server with modbus binding and homekit.
Everything works fine as long as I start the openhab service through “openhab-cli start”.
If I start the openhab service from the commandline console “/etc/init.d/openhab2 start” the service restarts shortly after it started and there is nothing in the openhab.log :frowning:
Anyone any Idea ?

Thanks for your help

OH packages on current debian releases use systemd. /etc/init.d/.... is outdated.

Also starting up with “systemctl start openhab2.service” same reaction…
Openhab starts and reads all Data via modbus and adds the items to homekit and after 10-20 Seconds openhab restarts :frowning:
And nothing is written to openhab.log not even that openhab is getting started.
Only if I start via cli then the openhab.log is written :pensive: