OpenHAB 2 Room Limitation

OpenHAB 2 Room Limitation

I don’t think so. The limitations are not the rooms. Rooms are not a feature of openhab, items are. (Sensors and actuators - There are no limits on these)

With a hotel of a 1000 rooms you have other considerations to take into account.

Rate of events and data fed into OH
Amounts of sensors in each room and the amount of data transfered to OH
You’ll need a pretty beefy server and router to handle all that
Back up systems and redundancy
Maintenance of the files (items, things, bindings…)

I am not sure that OH would be the best solution. I don’t want to talk OH down, it’s a great system! But maybe a specialized hospitality system would be more appropriate in your case.

OH is quite up to the task in terms of scalability.
Here’s a presentation from our most recent Smart Home Day.

I didn’t say that it wasn’t. I had seen that video before but the OP being an OH beginner will have to take into consideration much more that the “number of rooms” that OH can handle. This is why I said what I said.