Openhab 2 snapshot audio & voice

i think im getting addicted to openhab. I just recently downloaded the latest snapshot and found these 2 options

I know its a snapshot and there isn’t supposed to be documentation yet, but i am so curious about tts and voice control that if any of you guys knows how to use it or something about it id love to know.

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We tried, seriously… but still there is no info about it.

Working on it, see
Will also add infos to soon. Too much stuff to do, sorry for taking so long…

Its okay @Kai cant make it all in one day

Downloaded the snapshot and tried it out. Very nice work @Kai . Using local computer speaker and marytts. Its a little slow sometimes but it works really nice. Super easy to configure

Have you tried to use sonos as audio sink?

In that case how must it be configured? I tried to put “sonos” in Default Sink, but gives me an error

this is indeed now very easy in the latest snapshot
you can select the sink from the gui
and then e.g. just use say(“this is my text”) in a rule … in my case VOICERSS then generates a mp3 file which is played by the sonos … this happens with actually a quite low latency… but has some hickup by e.g. repeating the file or playing only part of it

however for the VOICE … the selection list opens but whatever I select its always default (swedish) that is entered and cannot be changed @kai - a bug?

Now it works. I didnt have the latest snapshot. nos I can select the sink from the dropdown menu.

Regarding the Default Voice selection, I have the same problem as you, but in my case is always “Portugese”.
Seems there is a problem with the selection menu.

Anoder question,

Voice RSS using Sonos as a Audio Sink, plays all at volume 5, which is almost inaudible.

Is there a parameter to set the default volume to other value?

I dont have a sonos. Unfortunately this isnt supported by squeezebox currently

Regarding the default language here is how it acts in my case.
Every time I do a say command, it renders it in a different language.

Yes, see Only appears if you use VoiceRSS.

Please also have a look to this post - I hope these links can give at least some insight in how it all fits together!

Are there any updates? I’m using Squeezer with OH2 and want to use it as default audio sink. In PaperUI I can only choose between SystemSpeakers and WebAudio but not select my squeeze player.

I want to use the say command