OpenHAB 2 up but not showing icons

Ok after some great help with the users of this forum I was able to install the offline OpenHAB2 SNAP addition. I see the UI’s and how to go into the paperUI to do some configuring, however I think some things are missing because I get no icons on the classic or basic UI after I put in things. Plus, do I have to hand jam the “items” and “sites” into their respective files like we had to do with regular OpenHAB? I have installed MQTT persistence but do not see how to configure the broker and other stuff from the UI.

See the Migrating to OH 2 tutorial and What’s new in OH 2 doc.

The tl;dr is yes, you still put your Items into .items files. The only difference is when it comes to Items is for openHAB 2 bindings which create Things and Channels, you use the Chanel ID instead of the traditional binding config in the “{ }” for the Item definition. For any 1.9 SNAPSHOT bindings you still do things the same old way.

Ok great you have been a big help. Now I did a clean install of OH 2 instead of migrating off the instruction you pointed me to about a week ago. I had some bumps with Ubuntu but it all worked out. I was kind of hoping for more user friendly than OH 1 but hey it is a learning experience.

Thanks again.