OpenHAB 2 & ZW056 Doorbell

In openhab 1.8 I had the following item in my items file

Number gMF_doorchime_sound “Alarm sound” (gMFDoorbell) {zwave=“17:command=CONFIGURATION, parameter=6”}

this allowed me to write to this parameter from the rules and have the doorbell play a specific MP3 that I had previously uploaded by using:


How do I do this in OH2? There wasn’t a specific channel or thing for parameter 6. is there still away to do this dynamically in openhab 2? I tried:

{ channel=“zwave:17:command=CONFIGURATION, parameter=6” }

and got a parsing error.



I can’t answer completely but I can say your channel ID is wrong. A channel ID always has 4 parts separated by “:”.

For zwave that format is:

zwave:device:controllerID:nodeXX:<command class>

where nodeXX is the node and command class is what type of Zwave device is it (e.g. switch_binary).

If doing the above is supported (I don’t think it is) the channel will look something like the above.

There is a newer feature that allows this and I am currently working on adding support for parameters 8, 2, 6, 80 for the doorbell for my own needs. The information has to be added to the database but I’m working out the details of exactly how it has to be added in this thread.

I’ll try to get this done in the next few days and post back here when I get done.

@chris I added some items to this device in the database and you recently merged them but they don’t show up correctly.

Here is what I see in habmin2:

I noticed that there is an additional option for parameter 42 that says ‘Delete Me’ and I’m wondering if that is causing the issue since the key is 0 and there is already an option for 0.

Can you delete that additional option so we can try this again?