openHAB-2 ZWave Repository has moved to a new home

The Z-Wave binding has now moved to a new home outside of the main openhab2-addons repository in order to make it easier to manage (both for the main OH2 addons repository, and also the ZWave binding).

The new repository can be found here -: The ZWave binding will still be available in HABmin/PaperUI in the same way as it is now, so users shouldn’t see any difference other than where you need to go to report issues.

Some of you may have noticed I’ve closed down most of the ZWave issues in the OH2 addons repository on Github. I’ve moved a couple of open issues into the new repository, and only left a few issues where there has been a lot of discussion in the main repo, but I’ll also look at moving these as soon as possible as well…

Generally, other than having to enter issues into a different repository, you shouldn’t notice too much difference. If you want to contribute to the ZWave binding, then you will need to follow the following instructions to import the binding into the IDE -:

For an existing IDE configuration, you will need to delete the org.openhab.binding.zwave and org.openhab.zwave.test bundles from the IDE first.

  1. Fork the repository on Github
  2. Clone your repository to your local computer as described in the Github tutorial
  3. Open the openHAB Eclipse IDE
  4. Select the File | Import menu option
  5. Select General | Existing Projects into Workspace and click Next
  6. Select the root directory where you made the local clone of the repository
  7. Select the project and click Next
  8. The project will now be imported and available in the Package Explorer
  9. You may need to move the project down to the OH2 Add-ons Working Set

Any questions, just ask :slight_smile:.