openHab 3.0 => API Explorer => Items

Newbee on Openhab 3 trying HomeKit integration. Made a dimmer via KNX. All works fine. Can use is via the webbrowser (slider) to set the values.

Now trying to get Homekit working. Seems i have to set in the API Explorer (source: OpenHAB mit Homekit + Siri verbinden | Smarthome 2020 - YouTube) .

But i cannot access the fields of the Items: See picture:

Happy with any hints and tips :slight_smile:

Click Try It Out just a little up and to the right!

This caught me out at first as well, what the heck do we need a ‘try it out’ button for???
worked fine in v2 the way it was

um, the button was labelled ‘Try it Out!’ in OH2 as well?

Thanx for the answers, The video mentioned in my post was a bit misleading for me. I thought I had to “define” some stuff in the Rest Api. But it seems just to be a test. Meanwhile everything works fine. Homekit is integrated:)

For me: issue closed