OpenHAB 3.0 - edit a lot of KNX things and items by Visual Studio CODE

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Rasberry
    • openHAB version: 3.0

With OH2.5 I had a network share to my notebook. I’ve created my items and things via VS CODE.
-> This was really useful, because I have to manage a large number of KNX signals.

After my Update to OH3.0 everything works fine, but the network share is blocked. (I also cannot mount a new Network drive to the IP of my OpenHab.) …

But, I’m not shure if with OH3.0 the coding via VS CODE is possible? -> Are the files still there?
Or is it maybe better to use the “Code section” on the Openhab-UI ? -> Is there also a way to add comments?

Generally it should still be possible.

I had some permission issues which blocked my shares from writing to files.
This could be a possible blocker here too.

So far we mainly had questions about api not working with vscode which is an auth problem.

But I have also seen some questions about permission errors flying around here. Maybe the answer is already written down somewhere.
Try a search for this.

I’ve tested nearly every setting in the new UI, it does not help…

I’ve seen the file structure in OH3 is completely different.
-> Can someone send me a path to the things or rules folder?

Seems that you are using openhabian, so following questions/tasks:

  • Did you an upgrade or a fresh installation?
  • Please check and post the branch you are currently using with openhabian
    Menu 01 when running sudo openhabian-config on your raspberry pi.
    Branch should be set to openHAB3.

Your config folder should be located under /etc/openhab/ on your PI.
Run ls -l /etc/openhab/ and check which user the folder owner or post the output here.
If it is different from openhabian you may face permission problems like i did.
(openhabian is the user that generates the samba shares, so it has to be owner of this files so you can edit them.)

I think that’s enough for now to check first.

Using openhabian and after installing squeezebox server I faced the same issue.
The solution to me was to run the openhabian-config and use the “fix permissions”

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My solution was to reinstall the OH3.
With the new Image it works immediately.