openHAB 3.0 is out!

I can announce with great pleasure that we have built and shipped openHAB 3.0 today as planned!

It was an awesome team effort and I cannot thank all our @maintainers enough for it - you all did a fantastic job!

I won’t go into much details of what features and changes openHAB 3 brings. Most of you have already followed its development in the past and will be familiar with most of its changes. Together with @ysc, I have created a blog post about the release and some of its highlights.

You can find a more formal summary of the most relevant changes in the official release notes.
Those also contain instructions on how to upgrade/install your system and what to watch out for with regards to breaking changes.

If you want to learn more, I’d like to invite you to watch the recording of our virtual meetup 2020 and also to check out our heavily updated documentation website - big kudos to @Confectrician, @rlkoshak and @ysc (besides others) for their work on this.

I wish you all Merry Christmas and much fun with our new release! Please allow all developers to relax a couple of days before expecting any potential bug reports to be handled!

You can use this thread for any general discussion about the release, but please not for bug reports - they should go either directly to Github or to a dedicated forum topic. Thanks!

Best regards,


All, we have just released the patch release 3.0.1.

This patch release includes a fix for a security vulnerability, so we recommend to upgrade existing 3.0.0 installations to 3.0.1.

Besides this, it comes with a couple of bug fixes that should be worthwhile for everyone - you can find the detailed list in the release notes on Github.



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