OpenHAB 3.0 on Synology NAS (Native)

Hi there,

Any plans that OH3 will be made available for direct installation (w/o Docker) on the Synology Platform?

I read somewhere that it requires Java 11 - and the only Java packages we officially have available on the Synology is Java 8… :frowning:

Or should I just forget it and go for the Docker installation?



Go the docker way. openHAB 3 definitely requires Java 11.

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Hi, I also follow this tipic. Not all the synology NAS support Docker (my ds218j does not) and without a native package I can’t upgrade to new version.
Is it on plan for the future to build the package?

For devices that support Docker you may also consider a native Virtual Machine as base for your environment.

Can’t say much about native installation, but maybe synology packages would need to use the installed java version which would lead to the same problem when ther is no Java 11 available.

Any instructions for newbies to docker and oh3 for installing this on the synology?

Would be best to use the forum search, as I neither have a Synology, nor am I using Docker.

Found this on Github.

Have not tried it yet, but it looks like at least 3.0.0 is available in the “releases” folder.

It explains how to get Java 11 on your Synology:

There is no spk for this release

What do you mean by this? I have a account on GitHub but there is ono spk file.

did someone figure out? i wanted to start installing the spk, but its not there?
good start :slight_smile: