OpenHAB 3.2.0 & Tasker 5.14

Hi there,
I have to mention, that a POST with Tasker allready worked for me on my old Android.
(Even used the new “HTTP Request” not “HTTP POST”)
Now I have entered everything the same on the new Phone and I get TimeoutException.

Inside API-Security I have enabled “implicit userroles” (default)
…and even “basic auth” for testing (but did not help)

Test with another REST App on the “critical” phone works. Same as Postman on the Laptop. (Both without any API Token :frowning:

Here are my Details that are 99% identic on both phones. (accept the key)

Method: POST


Headers: Accept:application/json Content-Type:text/plain

QueryParameters: access_token=oh.androidTasker.98rkdre67****************

Body: OFF

Timeout: 30sec

Trust Any certificate: true
Structure Output (JSON, etc) : true
Continue Tasker if fails: true

What might be wrong?

Can you try the Tasker plugin that is integrated in the official app?