openHAB 3.2 Milestone discussion

Good Point. I‘ll create another Pull request this week.

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IP is a mandatory field in network binding. No option to keep it empty :wink: As suggested by rossko57 it would make sense to use MAC broadcast if a MAC is given.

I am also suffering with WOL no longer working, it had worked fine from the very early test versions of OH3. When I set the rule for for my WOL morning wake up, I had the option of sending a WOL packet now that option is not there. The rule was set up in the UI not as a text file. I have since written a text file rule to send the command and it still does not work.

Just created a pull request for the IP-/MAC-Address Issue. #11387. I added a boolean parameter to decide whether to send the request via MAC or IP.

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I’ve just tried 3.2M3 and my (textual) rule files (located in /conf/automation/jsr223/<language>....) are still not being reloaded by openhab whenever changes were made. This worked up to and including 3.2M1 and not working on M2 and M3.

Can someone tell me whether changes to your rules are reloaded in M2/M3?

I wonder if this is related to/caused by

Unlikely. More likely you run into

@tarag I downloaded and installed openHAB 3.2.0.M3 but I cannot find the new layout type mentioned in the release notes

1100 “layout for floorplan-like pages with system/custom widgets”

even though it has been mentioned in the release notes. Do you know why?

Also I cannot find any documentation on the new layout (you may have not have time to write it thought)


The documentation is still waiting to be merged:

You should find the layout as a fixed layout sub type of “Layout” pages, called Canvas. This name was chosen to avoid conflict with existing floorplan pages, but I agree that it is somehow hidden.

Ok (I had conflicting changes in my merge which overwrites your changes, sorry),
so it was changed from


Hence, it completely “replaces” the “fixed grid” and is an enhancement?

The difference I see compared to M1 (I have M1 on production and M3 as a dev server) is this

M1 : image

M3: image

but the “magic” may lie in the config:


M3: the “Number of columns” and “margin” went away and more settings for Canvas

Is this compatible for people who have used columns and margin before?

Hence, it completely “replaces” the “fixed grid” and is an enhancement?

No, the fixed grid layout remains as it was before, and fixed canvas is an addition. It is just that fixed grid layouts are less prominent in the UI to be chosen. If you had existing fixed grid layout, they should be totally unaffected (if not the case please give feedback as I must admit not having checked that).

For canvas layout, placement is completely free and user defined so there is no notion of lines or columns. You do have a grid pitch setting but it is just for temporary edition with a snap to grid feature. It will not affect anything that has already been placed.


How come I seem to be the only one experiencing this issue? So I’m stuck on 3.2M1 because of this. Surely this would be a show stopper for a 3.2 release? How can I troubleshoot this?

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Not everyone using the “cutting edge” releases still uses “legacy” files-based rules.

Anything funny about your file names? People have had trouble with e.g. heating.control.rules style naming before.

test.rb (jruby) and (jython).

I seem to be having the same issue as @JimT , but I found some more detailed logs that I put at

I cannot add a post to subforums in Add-On Marketplace. Adding a predefined tag is not possible but required to save a post in that forum. Could somebody please check?

Hi, sorry if this seems dumb …

I’m currently on 3.1 running on raspbian, and apparently in order to do this I need the ‘Marketplace’ that is only available in 3.2.

So I need to update.

I’ve just stopped the openhab service with:

sudo systemctl stop openhab.service

I’ve also done sudo apt-get update and upgrade … is there anything more that I need to do to get to 3.2, or should I be good to go now?

*FTR … I’ve searched the forum for `in:title “3.1” “3.2” and there were only two results. Neither seemed relevant. Using only “3.2” just gave a load of results that I couldn’t immediately see a relevant one.

I looked at the documentation, and there was nothing I could see to indicate how to update from 3.1 or if it was automated.

Any other things I found on more general searches and StartPages were just for normal installation. I’d assuming that with the move to 3 that openhab would have something in the new admin control panel to initiate an update … but I couldn’t find that.*

You need to change your apt sources from stable to testing.


Where’s the switch for that? :sweat_smile:

Would you please read the packet installation docs.
It is all in there.

I’ve mentioned before … They are particularly awful to understand.


I’m currently looking at the “apt-based-systems” part.

I’m assuming that I can’t do this:

sudo apt-get install openhab=3.2

… until I’ve done this:

echo 'deb testing main' | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/openhab.list

Is that second one the thing you were talking about before? The testing version?

If so, will that mess up anything with the existing 3.1 install? Like, will it update/upgrade properly?