Openhab 3.3 Broadlink

Hello im using RPI4 OH3.3 Stable
Trying to install broadlink git as I noticied in the binding there is a broadlink binding thermostat, it’s even found my device in the inbox, but doc for this binding are unavailable (error page) I am not sure how to use it or if it can be manage in .rules / .items etc.

So I’m gussing like 2.4/2.5 versions I need a git to use


and the second one is in this thread as well under python broadlink solution.
The problem is:
*That I am not sure its fitable with oh 3.3
*how to install it

Thanks for any help, advice that you can share with me

OH 3 has a Broadlink Thermostat binding. Broadlink Thermostat - Bindings | openHAB

Does this official binding not work?

That link to the add-on is over a year old and says it’s for OH 3.1. I would not expect it to work on 3.3.

Hi so I wish I could use that broadlink binding, but I’ve a problem add the boradlink as thing.

And when I clicking on ‘Add as thing’
I’m getting conflict error.


Log errors while trying add it:

Even if I will manage to solved it, it’s seems it won’t be work with my needs, I’ve RM Mini 3 of Broadlink, and I want to record / send IR Commands like any git that we know of broadlink, I can’t use any git? that binding are my only option?

Thank you

I don’t know why you keep referring to git.

From what I understand, you want to use an RM Mini 3.

First, install the most recent version of the binding, which is provided in the discussion you linked above. Here’s a direct URL for the repository.

There have been no updates since last year, but the 3.2 Beta 1 version works in OH 3.3. You should be able to add your RM Mini 3 as a thing, then create items from it.

Use these instructions to get the IR codes that you’ll need to send to the RM Mini 3.

I haven’t done this myself, so I can’t help you with it any more than that. If you have further questions, I suggest adding them to that ongoing discussion so that people who know how to use it can help you.