Openhab 3.4.0 - No Settings, Things, Rules in admin pages

Dear all,
Running Openhav 3.4.0 in a docker container. After a problem with migration to OH4 and restarting my backup of OH3 I 've a problem with the GUI. In the admin pages the Settings don’t show anything, and Things, Models, Rules and Scripts keep on loading. Items is fine and the system is also fully functional and performs all automations in the house.

As recommended I stopped running OH3, removed all files in cache and tmp and restarted. Result is the same in admin pages no Settings. Things etc. The openhab.log doesn’t show any errors. I’ve only one WARN

2024-04-18 12:06:21.762 [WARN ] [ ] - Found multiple local interfaces - ignoring

No clue where that is coming from and whether this might causing an issue. Do I need to change loglevels and if so where I can do that.

This isn’t a problem. You are running in Docker with host mode networking. That means the container is on two networks, your LAN and the internal Docker network. The 172.x.x.x IP addresses are the internal Docker network. OH is just warning you that it sees both networks and is ignoring the internal Docker network.

I don’t know because if there was an actual error encountered directly it would be logged at the error level. But enabling debug or trace level logging might show it getting stuck somewhere. You can change the logging level in all the usual places:

  • edit /var/lib/openhab/etc/log4j2.xml and change the level for “org.openhab” to DEBUG
  • from the karaf console

One thing I would try is spin up a default container with no configs. Then copy over your configs little by little and see when/if the problem reoccurs.

Thanks Rich. I was thinking about your last suggestion to start from a default container, but I don’t want to loose the data history in rrd4j files. I don’t know how I can copy these over. I’ll give it a try this weekend.

That’s kind of one of the whole points of using Docker containers, to give you the flexibility to to do experiments like this.

But my main point isn’t to have you actually move everything over to a new container, but to identify what in your config is causing the problems. Move stuff over little by little until the problem arises and you’ll have narrowed the problem down to a specific section of the config.

But if you did want to move to a new container, the rrd4j files are in userdata/persistence/rrd4j. Copy those over and you’ll have your old values.

Found the issue. Wasn’t related to OH. My OH is accessed via reverse proxy. Authentication goes via Authelia and the reverse proxy is based on SWAG. I’ll need to update the reverse proxy settings as they don’t want to play nicely with Openhab anymore. Directly accessing the container gives no problems at all.