OpenHAB 3.4.3 MQTT

I installed 3.4.3 and had problem receiving certain MQTT topics such as Xiaomi door contact sensors Humidity and Temperature Sensors also from Xiaomi so I reverted back to 3.4.2 and everything is working as excepted.
I can’t figure out what has changed from 3.4.2 to 3.4.3 regarding MQTT and since I need my OpenHAB running I didn’t stay long on the 3.4.3 version.
So has someone else similar problems?

Looking at GitHub there appears to be no changes to the MQTT binding between 3.4.2 and 3.4.3. What ever went wrong isn’t caused by a change in the binding.

I probably found the problem.
After the update to 3.4.3 I did alos update JAva to v17 since ther was an error:

[openHAB] WARNING: We were unable to detect Java 17 on your system. This is needed before openHAB can be started.
[openHAB] Please install the current version of Java 17 or check the openHAB documentation for details.

And that made my MQTT things not working properly.
So is Java 11 or 17 needed or is this a wrong warning message?

The message is wrong and it’s already been raised as an issue. OH 3.4.3 should work with Java 17 but Java 11 remains the recommended version. Java 17 will be required for OH 4 though.

Ok thx but Java 17 definitely killed my working OpenHAB installation…

If you are using a JS transformation, you’d need to install either of the JavaScript Automation add-ons. JavaScript no longer comes with Java 17. Beyond that no other reports of problems with Java 17 and OH 3.4 have been reported.

Ok interesting i use a lot of transformations especially for MQTT topics.
So I will try to install java 17 and the JavaScript Automation binding and hope everything is working :wink:

I am having the same problem. No mqtt with java 17. It references no ‘engine’

TIA for any suggestion to correct the problem.

Please downgrade to Java 11 for openHAB 3.x.x
The request to upgrade Java during openHAB upgrade was by accident and has been corrected.

And don’t post screen shots. They are impossible to read on small screens, impossible to search, impossible to copy and paste from. Paste the text and use code fences.

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