openHAB 3.4.5?

Hey all, I’ve been using openHAB 3 on a QNAP NAS vm. I’ve since moved to TrueNAS, but before I moved OH I ran the CLI backup. I built a new vm and wanted to make sure I ended up with OH3 instead of 4.0. (I wanted to make sure I restored a 3.x backup to a 3.x instance.) Doing a search led me to this: sudo apt-get install openhab=3.4.4-2. The install went well and the restore worked, but I couldn’t get a UI to render. On a hunch I checked what versions were available using ‘apt list -a openhab’. I figured the latest version of 3.x was the one to use so installed 3.4.5. After moving to 3.4.5 everything installed correctly and the restore worked great! I now have a working OH 3.x instance on a TrueNAS vm.

My question is about 3.4.5. Everything I see shows 3.4.4 as the latest version. Am I OK running 3.4.5? Is it a final 3.x hurrah, or is it not meant to be used? Everything is working (so far) so I assume it’s OK, but I don’t want to run into some weird issue because I used a release that wasn’t meant to be used.

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Yes, 3.4.5 is ok, 3.4.4 is the latest stable version before openHAB4.0 was stable, 3.4.5 is sort of backport from some bindings. See

for details.


It got its own announcement too: openHAB 3.4 has arrived! - #7 by Kai

Ah! I missed the announcement. Thank you for the information! Glad to know I’m in the clear. Once 4.x gets a few releases I’ll look into upgrading. (Who am I kidding, I didn’t update to 3.x until 4.0 was almost ready. Ha!)




It’s worth the effort :slight_smile: